23 January 2010

Raspberry Juice Drink / Apple Crush (The Co-Operative)

A friend picked up these two bottles at the Co-Op for me to try, and they both sounded rather refreshing and wholesome.
I started with the apple version, and thought it tasted rather natural, and yet sweet. The apple flavour tasted a little like pear, and was pleasant and enjoyable. I was really pleased with the ingredients list, as all it contained was apple juice at 70%, water and carbon dioxide. There is something very nice about such a simple list.
The raspberry drink had a similar natural taste, sweet, but not overly strong. It was also very refreshing and rather enjoyable. However the ingredients list was a little different, for example its major ingredient was water followed by sugar and raspberry juice was right down at 3%, plus there was the addition of colourings and flavourings.
Still both drinks were mature in taste, lightly sparking and easy to drink. I would buy either again, despite the ingredients list of the raspberry version, as bother were so pleasant.

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