19 January 2010

Milka Orange Yoghurt (Germany)

Carrying on from yesterday’s wonderful find of Pocket Coffee, today follows another favourite of mine Milka, also from the stash my dad brought back from Germany. This is a new flavour in their range, and it is filled with orange yoghurt cream.
The bar has the most amazing aroma, with a really strong and zingy orange smell, it couldn’t be more appealing. The chocolate coating is dark, so is not the usual Milka milk chocolate, but a stronger more cocoa heavy version. The filling inside the chocolate is white, and fairly smooth but with pieces of candied orange peel mixed in.
The darker chocolate coating is needed because the filling is very sweet, and this darker chocolate makes the cocoa content more noticeable. The filling is wonderful though, a good strong kick of oranges and a full flavour. There isn’t much taste of ‘yoghurt’ it is more of an orange cream, but is divine!
I love the extra bit of design on the packaging too, Milka all too often just opt for a swirl of colour, but the pattern on this pack makes it look rather pretty.
This bar would do well in the UK as there are plenty of people here who like orange creams, I do hope it does become more available.


Katie said...

I bought a mega stash of milka and other Christmas choc back with me from Germany. The girl at the check out didnt believe me when I told her interesting varieties of Kinder and Milka were hard to come by in the UK! I had tonnes!

cinabar said...

I do have one other Milka bar to try, but the flavours available in Germany are amazing! Me want!
Having said that just two three years back, the only Milka chocolate available was regular milk chocolate, at least we now get a few more.