21 January 2010

Elizabeth Hurley: Banana and Chocolate Organic Oat Bar (Selfridges)

This is a new cereal bar, made by a new company on the snack bar market – Elizabeth Hurley. For the record, yes it is that Elizabeth Hurley (of Austin Powers fame), I checked. Apparently she has a farm, and these are the very oats from her fields.
Okay, so the bar itself was fairly soft, a little bit squished and smelt ever so slightly salty. This wasn’t a particularly good start. The bar did at least taste sweeter than it smelt, and had a hint of chocolate and banana in the flavour, but it was a long way off being impressive. I thought that the texture was a little stodgy. The bar was pleasant enough, and low calorie, but not inspiring. Still I purchased another couple of flavours which hopefully are a bit more notable, I will let you know shortly.

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cinabar said...

I got them from Selfridge Birmingham, so I would give London Selfridges a try... the food halls in department stores are your most likely bet. Hope you find them :-) if you do, let me know what you think.