3 January 2010

Miscellaneous Forgotten Foodstuffs {via @Nli10} - Multiple Shops

As the weeks go by I've picked up some less exciting food to review that never made it onto the site. Instead of looking back over the things I did review here are a few that just didn't inspire me to write at the time.

Favourina Chocolate Coins - Part of the Lidl Christmas range

Bought these in November, hadn't seen note based chocolate money at a reasonable price (99p I think for these). Turned out to be fairly average chocolate but in the shape of money. No real shock there. Wouldn't buy again.

Miscellaneous Udon Noodles - Spar @ Birmingham Uni

I loved all of the four varieties of Udon noodles. Unfortunately my English palate could not tell the difference between them, and the only real difference was the way that I cooked them at the time. All were an improvement on the dry version I did review before I found these. Will buy regularly.

Lipton Ice Tea Drink Range - Tesco [I think]

Following on from the really nice brewed bottled Tea I found these three drinks. Essentially they are water that tastes of tea and either green tea, lemon or peach respectively. All three were nice drinks but none were tea in a bottle. Probably wouldn't buy again.

Deli range Bratwurst – Aldi

These were fantastic sausages - really thick, meaty and full of flavour. Why didn't I review them? Two words - German Market. Christmas in Britain is now known for large German markets selling all kinds of sausages similar to this. And theirs tasted nicer, probably due to the method of cooking on the hanging grill. I'd buy these again, but not when the real deal is in town and so readily available.

Have a great 2010 and please feel free to leave comments - we do read them even if we don't always reply.

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