3 October 2009

Milka Dark with Woodland Strawberry (Germany)

I am a huge Milka fan, but it is unusual to find dark Milka chocolate, and even stranger to find a thin bar. Usually Milka is quite a chunky and is a very sweet and creamy milk chocolate, but this particular bar is definitely one for the grown-ups!
The chocolate is 50% cocoa, but if anything tastes a little stronger, as it has a full flavour of cocoa. In texture it is smooth and the thickness of it makes it oddly satisfying to break and eat. There are small red crystals within the chocolate that deliver the natural tasting strawberry, they are sweet but add the needed balance to the dark chocolate. As the chocolate is slightly bitter, the strawberry enhances the flavour wonderfully. A lovely combination of flavours that just works really well.


Derval said...

Are you tempted to buy this months Marie Claire - it has a bar of Divine 70% chocolate with rasberries free with it.

cinabar said...

It is funny you should say that - I was in WH Smiths and I saw Marie Claire, and almost picked it up... been regretting not doing ever since!