24 October 2009

Mr Kipling Toffee Apple Bakewells (Sainsbury’s)

This is a seasonal version of a regular Mr Kipling Cherry Bakewell, made with the flavours of toffee and apple in order to get us in the mood for Halloween and Bonfire Night. Toffee coated apples being popular at this time of year.
The pastry is the same as you would find on a regular Cherry Bakewell, so it is crumbly and tasty but I always find a little bit too thick for my taste buds. The filling is ever so slightly sweet! And by sweet, I really do mean sweet! The toffee flavours hits from the icing on the top and a layer on the bottom, and the apple flavour is the middle layer within the Bakewell. I do like the combination of tastes though, the apple is quite strong so it seems a little bit artificial to me, but it doesn’t really matter as the toffee offsets and complements it. Each Bakewell is quite small, and to be honest is exactly the right size, it delivers a good sugary kick, but eating two may be sickly. I wonder which has more calories, this or a regular toffee apple?
Anyway, this would be an excellent treat for those with a sweet tooth, or ideal for anyone throwing a seasonal fireworks party or similar.


lottie said...

Oh my. These sound like they would make me very happy!

cinabar said...

It is such a nice idea, and a little bit different to the usual halloween / seasonal products.