8 October 2009

Toblerone Tobelle (Sainsbury’s)

I do have to say that I am a bit of Toblerone fan, and was quite excited to find a new product in the range! Inside the rather nice packaging is a tray which holds three stacks of chocolate thins. This tray slides out when you pull the ribbon (pictured). Each chocolate thin consists of the smooth alpine milk chocolate with the usual honey and nougat taste you would expect from the regular bar. In fact they are just like slices of the extra large Toblerone bars.
I guess the question then is if this is the same chocolate as a regular Toblerone, but differently presented, what is its purpose? I think the answer may well lie in the fact the huge bars are slightly hard to eat. They are difficult to break apart, and the chunks are quite tough on the jaw! This makes for a convenient way of eating the chocolate! It is ideal as a gift and idea for all those who never quite know how to cope with the huge chunky Toblerone pieces!


DavidH said...

Bought some of these today (from a large Superdrug store), very very nice and moreish. As Cinabar said, much easier on the teeth than the original Toblerone.

cinabar said...

I am going to have explore Superdrug - don't think I've ever looked in there for Foodstuff Finds!