6 October 2009

Strawberry and Peanut Butter M&M (Cybercandy)

Well this really is a curious combination, and even I was a little taken back by the strange flavour. I could imagine a product of either strawberry M&Ms or peanut butter ones, but this really is both in one bag. Just to clarify - this bag does not contain two flavours separately; each M&M has BOTH strawberry and peanut butter filling!
The M&Ms have the usual crispy shell, a thin layer of chocolate, and are filled with a soft creamy peanut butter with a hint of strawberry. The strawberry and peanut butter do actually work, but it took me a few to convince my taste buds. Sweet fruity strawberry, salty peanut, and chocolate let the flavours mingle and then allow yourself to acclimatise to them. After the initial curious flavour hit, I really enjoyed them. They even became rather moreish. They are kind of strange but rather good, and there is definitely more to the flavour than just the novelty.


linkys said...

When I first heard of them I thought they were such a strange combination. Then I realized about the much beloved sandwhich - peanut butter and jelly, and it all became clear. I gave a bag to my sister to try and she ended up sharing them with some lab mates, who all found them to be quite interesting.

cinabar said...

Ah yes of course the peanut butter and jelly sarnie... which I have to say I've not tried. I think I saw a jar of peanut butter and grape spread in Selfridges, I might have to get some and give it a go!