24 April 2010

Walkers Crisps {By Spectre} American Cheeseburger versus German Bratwurst Sausage (Asda)

I thought I’d try to relive some of the animosity between the Germans and the Americans in a Second World War type Battle of the Bulge with snack food. The American burger eating G.I’s were famously taken by surprise in the later part of the war by the massive sausage wielding Wehrmacht. Although this is hardly a Bastogne, more like a couple of country’s infamous snack foods going head to head in a crisp flavour challenge. Both packets are quite attractive to look at with each country’s respective flags covering them in a strange blurred effect.
The American Cheeseburger flavour was first up for eating. I’m not much of a sniff and lick type taste tester, so I dumped the crisps unceremoniously into my mouth. The flavour is mad. It’s just like eating a real cheeseburger, but it’s not a real cheeseburger. It’s a crisp. This takes a few moments to get your head around, but by then the packet is half empty. This is a really great snack. I could easily see myself downing loads of packets of these whilst drinking beer and watching a favourite war movie. However, I was at work during my taste test and couldn’t help but feel I’d missed a good opportunity.
Next up was the German Bratwurst Sausage flavour. The name of these crisps creates a bit of consternation for me as my usual extremely reliable source (Wikipedia… okay, okay… but what else is there that’s quicker?) showed me that the “brat” describes how the veal, pork and beef are prepared for the sausage making and the “wurst” translates to “sausage”. So the name of these crisps roughly translates to German Sausage Sausage flavour! That aside, on opening the packet a big whiff of German sausage hit me right between the nostrils. The crisps tasted like a good strong German sausage and didn’t disappoint the taste buds. With the sausage flavour bouncing around in my mouth I quickly came to the conclusion that these crisps would compliment a few beers more than the heavy cheese flavour in the previous packet. At this moment the “missed opportunity” feeling hit me again. And with the weather brightened up outside, eating these meaty flavours of crisps just made me want to chuck on an apron and set fire to the garden with a barbeque, well that’s what usually happens.
Wikipedia also informed me that Bratwurst has been an American snack food since the first German immigrants set foot in North America several million years ago (okay… a couple of hundred years or so ago). Bratwurst was popularised in the 1920’s and has been a mainstay snack food in most American sports stadiums since the early 1950’s. So, even though the Germans put up a good fight at the Battle of the Bulge and lost, I guess you could say that they won this snack battle way before the Second World War.
By Spectre


Dreich said...

Just ate a packet of the American cheeseburger crisps, I didn't get the cheeseburger flavour and found them to taste like BBQ beef flavour. Tbh I thought they were pretty rank.

Spectre said...

LOL. Well, it just goes to show that everybody's different and prefer different tastes. Let me know which flavours you like the most and I'll be glad to try them. :-)

cinabar said...

These crisps seem to be like marmite! There are clearly two camps, love and hate. I loved that you could taste the relish mixed in with the beef - but so many people have told me that they couldn't finish the bag they disliked them so much.
Wonder which flavour will be the most popular?

Dreich said...

I have the multipack of the Americas flavours in the house, will try the Argentina one later and let you know what I think.

Of course one of the problems with food is every batch is different, so many times I've been disappointed with bland pickled onion monster munch.

Anne said...

Being German I had to try the Bratwurst ones. ;-) It might sound silly, but I really was surprised how much like Bratwurst they taste. *g* But after eating them I too had the longing for the real thing straight from the barbeque...

I also tried some others from this range. Chicken Teriyaki I found really disappointing, tasted like any old chicken crisps (which I never really liked)without any "exotic" touch to them. The French garlic baquette I didn't find too bad but not as garlicy as I hoped. Reminded me more of sour cream and chives.

Are you going to review any more of the World Cup range? Would love to read what you think of some of the other flavours. :) Some flavours really sound unusual; BBQ kangaroo, haggis...?! Haven't managed to hunt those down yet.

cinabar said...

Glad you liked the Bratwurst ones - me too.

I will be trying all the flavours I too can get my mitts on. Don't worry they will be appearing real soon!

Thanks for reading, so glad you like the blog. :-)

cinabar said...

Dreich - What did you make of the Argentina ones?

Dreich said...

I liked the Argentina flamed grilled steak ones. I'm not sure I can accurately say that they tasted of flamed grilled steak but the flavour was nice.

It's easily my favourite of the the three I've tried so far.

cinabar said...

I have to say I do like the meaty flavours best out of this range.

Have you bought any others Dreich?

Still desperately trying to find the Haggis ones!!!

Dreich said...

I'm eating the Brazilian Salsa atm, not sure how to describe the taste. Wasn't sure I'd like them but to me they taste better than the American cheeseburger but not as good as the Argentina ones.

The flavour reminds me of one of the old 10p puff crisps you used to get as a child.

I can taste the tomato but I can't put my finger on the other flavour, has a mild pleasant spice to them. I want to say they remind me of spicy flavour bikers but I'm not sure I'm thinking of the right ones.

Dreich said...

Seen the Haggis ones in Asda yesterday. Haven't seen any of the other UK flavours up here though.

cinabar said...

Seriously - you've seen the illustrious Haggis ones??? Oh my - I have been desperate to find some of those!!! I'm so sorry to be cheeky, but is there any chance you could send me a bag - please. Will obviously be happy to Paypal you for any costs, or indeed a cheque?
If interested, my email address is:
And sorry again to ask.

theAngrykid said...

you all got a taste of pure heaven your lips in 2010 didnt know the luxury they was beholding and now we all suffer immensely