29 April 2010

REAL D’Lites – Vine Ripened Tomato and Herb Bites (Boots)

I do like the crisps from the REAL range, and was pleased to find a new flavour. I have to admit to being a little cautious in my enthusiasm as these crisps are lower fat, which made me worry a little.
In fact I say ‘crisps’ but these aren’t even made from potato, they are actually made from cassava (another root vegetable), and from there appearance looked like thin Snack-a-Jacks, curved into a bowl shape.
Unlike Snack-a-Jacks though, the texture is much crisper and there is no aftertaste of savoury popcorn. The product is so full of seasoning and flavour, it made them a wonderful taste experience. There is a rich sweet strong tomato base, that tastes fresh and natural, and a lovely aftertaste of garlic and oregano. I felt the seasoning was spot on, and worked beautifully with the tomato flavour. These were a very tasty snack, and when I noticed they were just 83cals per bag, given the size of the bag, I think I have to throw in the word: genius! Yum!


Anonymous said...

A friend of mine bought me some of these while I was in hospital the past few weeks, they are so tasty!! I've got the cheese ones still to try :]


cinabar said...

Let me know what they are like - going to try and find some of these too... I love the idea of a snack that is full of flavour, but not full of calories. :-)

Unknown said...

I just bought a bag of these at the student union I work with - Can't find them on tescos and their website says they are not able to sell online through their shop.

Where have you purchased them before?

cinabar said...

I have bought them in Boots before now, but checked yesterday and they were on the shelves in my local Sainsburys.