25 April 2010

Honey Monster - Honey Waffles {by @Nli10}

I opened my cereal cupboard this morning to find a box of new cereal had appeared. As my parents had visited the day before I am presuming this is a kind gesture on their part, and not an assassination attempt by a disgruntled Kellogs employee after the KRAVE review.

The cereal is proudly packed in the Honey Monster brand boxes and has fun stuff for children to do on the back of the box. No company these days seems to include fun stuff in the box, I do miss that - It's like PG Tips without the tea cards... The cereal tastes a lot like Kellogs Start, a cereal which was originally touted as the male Special K - being 'targeted at athletes' and dad's who are happy to watch the Special K adverts but wouldn't touch the cereal. Noticing that this was similar to a Kellogs cereal got me wondering who actually makes the Sugar Puffs range.

Turns out it's the Honey Monster! Honey Monster foods make Sugar Puffs and Honey Waffles and also Honey Meltz which I may have to try.

Also - Honey Monster not only sponsors the pro-wrestling but actually goes to the events.

This is all too surreal for a Sunday morning...

Suffice to say Honey Waffles are a nice cereal, crunchy and a bit malty in flavour like Kellog's Start, but with a much stronger honey aftertaste and good milk flavouring abilities.

by @Nli10

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