12 April 2010

Cornetto Enigma [Raspberry and Dark Chocolate] (Sainsbury’s)

Did we just have a mostly sunny Easter break? Was that really sunshine outside? Well there has been a notable improvement in the weather, and I noticed the supermarkets seem to be increasing the freezer space share for ice creams. There are few new items appearing, and even TV adverts for this new Cornetto variety.
In this new Cornetto the idea is the chocolate and raspberry sauce goes all the way to the bottom of the cone, thus giving lots of flavour all the way through the item. The cone is also chocolate lined, to add the extra bit of chocolate there too.
I really enjoyed this ice cream. I felt that the raspberry had a nice sweet flavour, with a good taste of the berries. The chocolate was dark and added lots of cocoa, and the vanilla ice cream balanced it all out. Curiously the ‘chocolate and raspberry sauce’ actually consisted of the raspberry part making up the sauce, and the chocolate came from chocolate chips within it. This was quite nice as it added texture.
My only niggle with this rather fine ice cream was that the sauce in mine did not go all the way down to the bottom of the cone as displayed on the pack. Instead it stopped about 10cm short, but with a small extra blob 5cm down. This was a little disappointing, but not enough to put me off the overall flavours and taste. I still really enjoyed the item as a whole.
There is also an almond edition of Cornetto Enigma out now which I will be writing about very soon.


Spectre said...

You've left me one of these in the freezer, right???

cinabar said...

Err.... anyways...