9 April 2010

Wonka Runts Candy (America)

This is another item from the candy swap that I have been doing with Gigi from Gigi Reviews. :-)

Now, and I realise this is a generalisation, but it seems that sweets / sweet packaging in America is wonderfully luminous and bright. They are designed to stand out on the shelf, and the internal product is full of colour too. In Britain things seem much more muted, the packets may be fairly bright, but the sweets themselves although coloured never seem so vivid.
When I shook some of these out of the box, I couldn’t help but smile when I saw the sweets themselves, so cool! Each brightly coloured sweet has just a coating of its colour and turns white when it starts to dissolve. The sweets are hard, but they do crumble if you bite in. Each one gives a really cool sweetness rush, which is just ace!

  • Grape – purple oval -wow, we just don’t get grape over here! It had a lovely sweet full flavour.
  • Banana – yellow crescent - similar flavour to British foam bananas, and my favourite shaped sweet in the box.
  • Strawberry - red heart – this was sweet and fruity, full of flavour, but not a sharp taste.
  • Orange – orange ball – very citrus in flavour, so zingy it’s almost like lemon and lime.
  • Apple – green heart - full of flavour, like a Cox’s apple, then as strong as a Granny Smith when you bit in, really good.
All in all, a lovely set of sweets. If I had to pick a favourite it would be grape, but it was just a novelty to me as we get so few grape flavoured items here. All of them had lovely strong vibrant flavours. There are also bonus points for the banana ones as they are such a cute design.


Katie said...

you could get those here when I was a kid. I loved them, dead zingy and and sherberty.

cinabar said...

Yep, they really are full of flavour.

On a side note I wonder if anywhere still make Push-Pops? They were one of my fave childhood sweets.