23 April 2010

Thornton’s Melts (Thornton’s)

The prospect of a new praline truffle is always appealing to me; as I’m sure you all know my views on nuts and chocolate by now.
Inside the box were a decent amount of individually wrapped round truffles, each one around the size of a ten pence piece. The chocolate coating was a decent quality milk chocolate and was rather flavoursome, and the praline truffle inside had a good balance of flavours with the hazelnut and the cocoa. The truffles were quite smooth and had a nice silky texture, but they were only a smidgen away from being too oily for my taste buds.
I liked these pralines, and to be honest I have to give them a thumbs-up. That is where it should really end, but the fact is I’ve eaten Lindt Lindor chocolates before. The main thing that comes to my mind with these Melts is that despite them being good, they just aren’t quite as good Lindt Lindor. The Lindor don’t have that vaguely oily taste, and the hazelnut and the flavours are more defined. If I was buying chocolates as a gift, I’d go for the Lindt Lindor over these, as I personally preferred them. What’s everyone else’s thoughts?


Anonymous said...

Sooooooooo yummy

cinabar said...

Thornton's pralines are fab too :-)