10 April 2010

Milkyway Caramel [By Spectre] (America)

Here is another chocolate bar sent to us by Cinabar’s American friend Gigi. After my flawed comparison between the British Kit Kat Chunky Caramel and the far superior American version, I realised I had set the original benchmark far too low. This review sees the American Milkyway Caramel bar, as we’re clearly not good enough in this country to get one, go up against the Cadbury’s big gun; the Wispa Gold. Okay, maybe my benchmark is slightly high this time, but hey, after the last caramel bar write up, I can’t help being more than a little over cautious. Wispa Gold is the ultimate in caramel bar glory. I may have previously said that my favourite caramel bar is Cadbury’s Caramel, and yes, I can chomp a whole block of it happily all day, but Wispa Gold is like a chocolate bar of the Gods. You not only get the soft luscious chocolate hit from a Wispa bar, but you also get gooey, sticky, sweet, gushing caramel. If you don’t get caramel on your chin when you eat this bar, you’ve done something wrong. So, Milkyway Caramel, get in the ring…

On opening the packet, the bar looks like a normal Milkway bar, but you can smell caramel from several feet away. Believe me, I tried! Apart from the outer resemblance, the similarity with Milkyway ends there. This bar is more like a Mars Bar. The chocolate has the usual Mars flavour, but the Mars nougat has been completely replaced by Mars’ thick, gooey caramel. The bar exploded as I bit in, and yes, I proudly wiped my chin. Although not remotely like the soft and heavenly indulgent Wispa Gold, this chocolate bar holds it’s own very well indeed. Believe me, it didn’t last long. My only complaint is the name; it should be Mars Caramel. We’re totally robbed of this here in the UK. Sure, it’s a kick ass American chocolate bar, but they should just learn to share! Okay, okay…. So this actual bar was sent to us by an actual American, but you know what I mean…

By Spectre


  1. It's called Milky Way Caramel because in America a Milky Way is equivalent to a UK Mars bar. It's called a Mars bar everywhere except America where it's a Milky Way for some reason.. thus, the caramel-only version is a Milky Way Caramel. Our fluffy Milky Way is a 3 Muscateers bar in the US. Except not as good. :P

  2. LOL. All sounds a bit crazy to me, but thanks for the information. :-)


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