16 April 2010

Walkers – Spanish Chicken Paella Crisps (Asda)

It was only at Easter that I was thinking to myself that there hadn’t been many new variants of crisps recently, and that it would be nice to see some new flavours on the shelves. Somebody over at Walkers HQ has obviously been thinking exactly the same thing. They are releasing the World Flavour Cup with fifteen(!) new varieties. Each has a flag on the pack and is made with the flavour of a popular dish from that country!
It is so hard to know where to start with these that when faced with all the flavours in front of me, I chose Spain somewhat at random!
The flavour from Spain is Chicken Paella, which seems to me quite a complex flavour to replicate. The flavours I picked up from the crisps were salt, onion, chicken, smoke (almost like bacon) and a hint of raw green peppers. The crisps were pleasant, and tasty, and I had no problems finishing the bag. Could I, hand on my heart say, they were obviously ‘paella’, no. But they were perfectly pleasant crisps, that went some way to covering the main ingredients of the dish. I was surprised by how much I liked the green pepper vegetable flavour, I thought that added a hint of something a bit different.
I’m looking forward to trying the other available flavours, and will be writing about them very soon!

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