21 April 2010

Cornetto Enigma Almond (Sainsbury’s)

A few days ago I wrote about the rather tasty new Raspberry Enigma Cornetto. The idea behind the new range is that the sauce goes all the way down to the bottom of the Cornetto giving a lovely chocolate hit throughout.
Now here is the thing, it says ‘sauce’, it mentions sauce both on the television advert and on the box. I would debate the work ‘sauce’. What I found was a very thick stodgy base with small pieces of almond and chunks of chocolate, to me sauce means runny, not something of fudge consistency? However the chocolate ‘filling’ did go pretty much down to the bottom of the cone, which was nice because my particular raspberry one failed to do so.
The flavours are good, the chocolate is strong and full of rich cocoa, and does somewhat over power the almond taste, but is tasty all the same. I did enjoy the Cornetto, and would recommend it, just so long as you don’t mind not having sauce!


Anonymous said...

These look good , where's hotel chocolat on your chocolate brand vote :o!

Anonymous said...

I think your freezer might be too cold, bought one from a newsagents yesterday and it was sauce for sure. Maybe wait a couple minutes, before chowing down

cinabar said...

Anon1 - Sorry, my bad - I forgot to include Hotel Choc :-( and it won't let me add it now.

Anon2 - Interesting theory - i will have to buy some more and experiment. :-)