26 April 2010

Kettle Ridge Crisps - Flamed Steak (Tesco)

I do like the idea of ridge crisps, I like the added texture and I like the fact that the flavour tends to gather in the grooves making the crisps even tastier.
I was, as you can imagine, rather pleased then when I discovered that Kettle have brought out a selection of new ridge crisps. Thankfully, these crisps do not disappoint, each ridge does the job perfectly, the crunch feels substantial and the taste is full on. They have such a lovely meaty beef flavour, almost like a rich beef gravy with a hint of onion, and almost a note of mustard in the taste. The flavour is wonderful, moreish and I just loved the strong beef taste, it may not be a perfect ‘flamed steak’ but it is a fantastic meaty crisp! These are a definite re-purchase, the bag did not last long at all.
I also managed to find some Spicy Chilli crisps in this range, will let you know how I get on with those very soon!

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