15 April 2010

Cadbury’s Turkish Biscuits (Sainsbury’s)

Last month Cadbury’s released some rather yummy Crunchie and Caramel biscuits, and just this week these seem to have appeared and be from the same range. I’m not sure why they weren’t released at the same time as the others, but I was pleased to find them as I am quite a Turkish Delight fan.
Having said that, when I broke one of these biscuits in half I was a little surprised to see that the filling was gooey, and oozing out. Anyone who has had proper Fry’s Turkish Delight, and carefully peeled and eaten all the chocolate off it first (not just me – right?) will know that it is usually a solid purple jelly. It was then that I realised these biscuits were indeed Cadbury’s Turkish Delight, and not Fry’s.
Once I had bitten in I stopped caring about the Turkish Delight texture as the sweet floral flavour mixed with the shortbread base and the milk chocolate, tasted lovely and I was hooked. If you are a Turkish Delight fan, these are well worth hunting out!
Out of the three varieties of biscuit that have been released my extensive testing (ie friends/family) has shown that your favourite will be whichever of the chocolate bars you favour the most!

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Paulham said...

Nope, these are simply rose flavoured jam centre biscuits.
TD has a jelly like texture.