13 April 2010

Options Indulgence Hot chocolate Cherry / Brownie (Asda)

I have been on the lookout for these hot chocolates for quite a while, but my local stores don’t seem to stock them. They are an extra special indulgent range of instant hot chocolates, and supposed to be a little more luxurious.
The sachets themselves appear to contain a lot more powder than a regular Option’s sachet. The instructions on the sachets were to pour the powder into a mug, add a little hot water and stir to make a paste, then top up with more hot water. I did this, and found that even with this methodology there were quite a lot of lumps and the powder did not so much dissolve completely as remain partially in bits on the top of the drink. I’m not a big fan of instant hot chocolate, but one of things I have always liked about Options is that it usually dissolves very easily, so I was disappointed by this.

The two flavours I tried were:

Chocolate Brownie – Now I wasn’t keen on this. They seem to have tried to recreate brownie by adding a strange salty bitter after taste, which didn’t represent ‘cake’ to my taste buds. The strange taste over powered the chocolate and it just left me wishing for a plain hot chocolate instead of brownie flavoured one.

Chocolate Cherry – This had a good chocolate flavour, and the cherry was quite sharp and flavoursome, like a wild cherry. It went well with the chocolate, and added that extra boost in fruitiness that is nice in an instant hot chocolate. This was definitely a success of flavours, but then I do like my Black Forest Gateaux taste combinations.

I have Fudge and Banana left to try!


Anonymous said...

to get it to mix and not be lumpy, before you add boiling water, mix the powder to a paste with water /milk. i use soya milk and use part water part milk. once you have mixed it to a paste stirring for a good few mins if necessary, then add boiling water.

cinabar said...

It just seems a bit of a shame that these are difficult to mix up. Options usually dissolve so easily. Still I will give your tip a try, and see if it eases the situation! Hope so :-)