5 April 2010

Hot Cross Bun Fudge (Sugar Kitchen)

I actually won this rather lovely box of fudge through a Twitter competition which was a lovely treat this Easter. It is made by a company called Sugar Kitchen, who specialise in ethical sweets and chocolates.
The packaging looks rather rustic, with the product name written in felt-tip pen and the box tied with string, this is not a bad thing and it adds to the whole home-made feel about the product. When I opened the box there was a wonderful rich buttery smell with a hint of spiciness mixed in, and it was remarkably appealing.
The fudge has a firm texture that gives way as you bite in, then melts easily in the mouth. The base fudge has a wonderfully buttery sweet sugar flavour that is rich and creamy. The hot cross bun taste is represented by a lovely mix of spices including cinnamon and nutmeg, and also juicy raisins. It complements the taste perfectly without over powering it.
In short, this fudge is fantastic, lovely flavours in an expertly made base fudge. It really is something quite special, absolutely gorgeous stuff and I am going to have to order some more flavours!


Anonymous said...

Wow that fudge looks lovely!

Can you feel me jealously from all the way over here heh


cinabar said...

It was just spot on... lovely stuff!

Anonymous said...

I found the idea of hoz cross bun fudge so yummy that I had to order my own. :-) Ordered it on Monday, arrived yesterday. You are right, it is very nice and did not just sound good on paper! However I find it a little bit too sweet. So I will try to make something similar using my basic fudge recipe. :-) The spices would also make it a great Christmas treat.


cinabar said...

I do have a very sweet tooth, and loved this stuff! Just ordered some different flavours, will let you know what I think.