27 April 2010

McVities Digestives - Orange [Limited Edition] (Sainsbury’s)

McVities digestive biscuits are sort of a British standard of biscuits, they are flavoursome, tasty and available in most grocery shops, from grab bags with mini biscuits through to tubes like this one.
This is a limited edition Digestive biscuit, infused with orange. I do like orange, and I do feel it works well with chocolate, but I would love to see some more adventurous new biscuits on the shelf. Brands seem to focus on caramel, mint and orange – and that is about as far as it goes, except on very special days (i.e. Summer) when you find the odd strawberry item. There are of course one or two notable exceptions, and I still can’t get enough of Turkish Biscuits.
Back to these digestives, I felt the taste from the orange was sweet, citrusy and well balanced. It worked well with the milk chocolate, but did not over power the oaty flavour from the biscuit base. It was just about the right strength and the flavour tasted sweet and fruity, rather than zingy. I did rather like these biscuits, and give them a thumbs up for a fresh Summer flavour. They may not be adventurous, but they are tasty!

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Spectre said...

I'm not sure they're adventurous enough to produce peanut butter chocolate biscuits... :-P