18 April 2010

Easter Round-up: Mr. Kipling Lemon Whirls & Cadbury's Easter Mallows {by @Nli10}

In my haste to start munching through the Glico Pretz and tell the world just how good the Tomato flavour ones are I neglected to finish off the other Easter themed things I picked up. I thought it would be a good idea to catch up on these and complete the set, and it has nothing to do with the fact that I have curry, shrimp & 'butter' Pretz to eat at some point which will require a very specific mood...

Mr. Kipling Lemon Whirls I think may have been mentioned by Cinabar before but they only ever seem to appear erratically in Asda so I picked some up for Easter visitors. They are essentially Viennese whirls with some hard yellow lemon jam in them. It adds nothing to the experience except as a conversation starter where everyone says that the other ones were nicer and that these don't really go with tea.

Cadbury Easter Mallows are similarly themed. A traditional product with some yellow (orange flavor) jam added for Easter. Also there are rabbits on the packet - again reinforcing the idea that rabbits lay eggs with white outers and a little yellow bit in the middle. While you get 10 in the packet they are quite small so you have to eat two to avoid feeling hard done by. They are nice, but again really add nothing to the experience.

I always think that larger mallows are best, and with red jam inside too. Maybe I'll have to hunt down a few varieties of those for a try.
By NLi10

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