8 April 2010

Mr Tom Regular and Chocolate Edition (Pound World)

You would have thought that I had tried a Mr Tom bar before now, but they have always just escaped my grasp. I adore peanuts, but the original Mr Tom bar doesn’t contain chocolate, and it is the combination of peanut and chocolate that really gets my attention. So when I saw that the new Mr Tom bar was just such a bar, I felt the need to try both variants.

First up; Mr Tom Original:

First thoughts were that it was a very hard bar, and very crunchy to eat. The cracknel added a little hint of a taste of caramel, but it wasn’t very strong, and the peanut flavour just over powered everything. I would have preferred a bit more sweetness to this bar, and a softer coating.

Mr Tom Chocolate:

This was a major disappointment to me. It is is almost the opposite of the Original variety. It is overly sweet from the chocolate, which didn’t offer me much of a cocoa hit either. The peanuts were chopped so small, that the major flavour was ‘cheap chocolate’ and not much nut at all. Such a shame, with an increase in cocoa, and a few more nuts this could have been the dream bar.

There is a little part of me that thinks that the very best solution to this would be to melt the two bars together in a pan, and when it finally sets it may just create the dream bar!


Richard said...

Hmmm, doesn't sound good. From the pictures, it doesn't look as though they've featured peanuts enough... which is the whole point of a bar branded "Mr Tom", I'd have thought!

cinabar said...

Feeling bad about this as I just tried Mr Tom chocolate on some family, and they all rather liked it...