14 April 2010

Jaffa Cakes – Lemon Cake Bars (Asda)

When I saw these they reminded me of the Halloween version of “Lemon and sLime” Jaffa Cakes that came out last year. I liked those Jaffa cakes, and thought at the time that citrus worked rather well.
This cake bars takes that concept one step further, buy adding a real zing to the lemon flavour. As you bite in, the thin layer of chocolate coating cracks, revealing the soft sponge and lemon layer. The sponge maybe vanilla, but the chocolate is surprisingly dark and full of a rich cocoa taste, while the lemon is wonderfully fresh. The flavours work perfectly together, and they complement each other really well. They left my taste buds tingling.
These Jaffa Cake bars are really something quite special, full of flavour, and an excellent ‘Summer’ edition. Here is hoping that they take this sharp tasting lemon curd and put it in a regular Jaffa Cake with dark choc as that would be seriously yummy too!

1 comment:

NLi10 said...

LOve dark choc jaffa cakes, the cheap ones usually have it.

Will have to do that for a Food Stuff Fight once all the Pretz are out of the way.

Will try these at some point.