30 April 2010

Cadbury’s Fingers [Bournville Vs Dream] FoodStuffFight! (Sainsbury’s)

These two boxes of Cadbury’s fingers caught my eye in the supermarket. Especially that magic word on the box of white chocolate fingers – “new”. It left me puzzled, I’m sure I’ve had white chocolate fingers before, weren’t they a Christmas special a few years back? Come to think of it, I’m pretty sure I’ve already tried dark chocolate fingers too.
It didn’t take me long to realise that what Cadbury’s had done is introduced the branding from their popular Dream and Bournville bars in order to create new look products. Oh well, any excuse...

Bournville Fingers
Bournville chocolate is what could be described as a mild dark chocolate that is still quite sweet. The chocolate added a nice flavour to this version, and to be honest anything darker would have been too intense. In fact I felt the chocolate was a little bit much with the delicate biscuit flavour.

Dream Fingers
Dream chocolate is a lovely creamy sweet white chocolate, and I thought it might be a bit sickly with the sweet vanilla biscuit. Thankfully I was wrong, the combination worked well, and enhanced the flavours of the white chocolate perfectly.

If I was to pick a winner, I would choose the Dream version hands down. The flavours of biscuit and white chocolate just went together really well, making them very easy to eat. The Bournville biscuits were nice, but the darker chocolate did conceal the biscuit taste a little.

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