1 May 2010

Sweet Chilli - Snack a Jacks [By Spectre] (Boots)

My quest for healthy snacks brings me to this sweet chilli rice and corn snack. It says 8% fat in a big font on the front of the packet and proudly states 107 calories as well as low salt, saturates and sugar levels. The sight of the red packet screamed “hot” to me, so I was expecting a nice heat when I tucked in. With the heat I was also expecting my whole body to be drained of moisture. It’s a true fact that with all Snack a Jacks’ flavours I’ve eaten in the past, I always need to drink a few litres of water to rehydrate.
I work in the IT Department of an NHS Trust, I know, I know… NHS IT, grrr, blah, blah… but on opening the packet I was quietly tempted to pop over to the actual hospital bit to find an attractive nurse to put me on a drip-feed, just in case my hydration levels became dangerously low. Distracted for a moment at the thought of attractive nurses, in and out of their uniforms, I stupidly popped the first round disk like snack in my mouth. Instantly regretting it, I felt the deadly sponge take effect. Dominated mainly by rice and corn flavour, these Snack a Jacks, like the others I have tasted in the past, have scarcely any discernable flavour. Though there was a pleasant hint of sweetness that tasted mildly of chilli, there was no big bang, and definitely no heat. The only reason I rushed for a pale of water on finishing the packet was that there was no liquid left in the entire building, let alone my own body! If you put a gun to my head and every flavour of Snack a Jacks in front of me. Then threatened me with death or rice and corn snack, I’m completely certain that I would find more moisture in hell! Though thinking about it… I’d grumpily pick the Sweet Chilli flavour…
By Spectre

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