6 May 2010

Golden Syrup Flapjacks (Morrison’s)

I don’t eat many flapjacks, they aren’t really my favourite treat. Sometime I find them a little stodgy, and I can’t usually finish a whole one, so I tend to avoid them. I am however a Lyle’s Golden Syrup fan, love their ice cream and couldn’t resist giving these a purchase.
I’m very glad I did too; they were certainly not even vaguely heavy.
The texture of them was firm, but it did give way easily gently when bitten and it was nice and moist. The flavour is sweet, and the oats weren’t as prominent as in other flapjacks that I’ve tried before. I found this a good thing but others may disagree? The golden syrup flavour dominated, and made them truly tasty though.
The chocolate was lovely, dark enough to contrast the sweet flapjack flavour, and thick enough to provide a full taste. I would like to put in a request, that they make a version completely coated in chocolate, as that would be excellent!
Did I manage to finish a whole flapjack? Yes, with ease... ;-)

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