19 May 2010

New Jammie Dodgers Lively Lemon Edition (Sainsbury’s)

Well there are two things to report in the Jammie Dodger world. Firstly, Jammie Dodgers seem to have finally removed the “New” label off their Jam and Custard flavour. When I started writing this blog just under two years ago I saw the Jam and Custard flavour and thought to myself back then, no I won’t review these as they’ve already been out a good while already. Practically every visit to the supermarket since I have checked the biscuit isle and spotted the “new” label still on the pack and smiled to myself. In fact the “new” label was still there just the other week, I love the word “new” but I fear keeping it that long is just milking it! :-D
Anyway, this brings me onto the second thing to report the “new” label has finally disappeared because there is now an actual “new” item in the range: Lively Lemon.
The first thing I noticed was that the jammy filling was slighter darker than the illustration on the pack, and was more of an orange colour than a yellow. The flavour was reassuringly lemon however, tasting like a sweet lemon curd, but with a firmer, stickier consistency. I liked the fresh sweet flavour, and they are a nice addition to the range. Lemon is a good Summer taste, and I look forward to packing a box of these in my picnic hamper on a hot Summers day.
All this talk of limited edition Jammie Dodgers takes me back to a wonderful variety they released a fair few years ago – Vimto. Gosh they were good, anyone else remember them?


NLi10 said...

Do want.

Tempted to do a FSF for dodgers and fox's creams & things, but they are all to lovely to choose between.

Unknown said...
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cinabar said...

These were a Summer edition, but I saw them in both Sainsbury's and Asda - at the time. Hope you find them.

bob said...

Apparently, the 'New' badge is gone and they're now available year round.
My friend Steven in Wales sent me a packet of them that just arrived yesterday.
I may be the only (Lemon) jammie basket in North America now!