21 May 2010

McCoy's Chicken Winger Crisps (WHSmiths)

When I first saw this flavour I have to admit to being confused by the name. I naively assumed that Chicken Winger referred to chicken wings, as in chicken with a sweet and barbecue spicy taste.
It soon became clear that these are just regular chicken flavour, without any of the kick. The Wing in the title refers solely to a football tie in. Despite the lack of tangy taste, these crisps are still something special. They are the usually pleasing thick cut McCoys crunchy base, but the flavour is where it is at. The ridges in McCoys always catch the seasoning, and these do not disappoint on that front either. They taste beautiful. They have a wonderfully full flavoured meatiness to them, and they recreate ‘chicken’ in a way I’ve not seen a crisp do before. The flavour is just such a good match to its name; it was practically juicy in taste! Wow! These are totally fab crisps! If they are a football tie in, and a limited edition – get them while you can!

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