24 May 2010

Tic Tac [England Football] Fruity Limited Edition (Independent Newsagent)

Tic Tac are jumping on the band wagon and have released an England themed confectionary item. The pack shows the England red and white flag, and a football in support of the World Cup. Inside the pack are sweets in the England colours too, red and white, but flavoured with cherry and orange (more on this colour/flavour thing further down).

Cherry – Red coloured. This is quite a sweet cherry flavour, and although there is a distinct cherry taste, there is also an edge of ‘berries’ mixed in too. When I bit in, about half way through, there was a very pleasant sharp cherry hit that worked well. All in all, very pleasant!

Orange – White coloured. I have no idea why this bugs me, but it does, so I will mention it. They are orange sweets but they are white in colour. I realise that if Tic Tac went with the mint for the white you might get a bit of strange flavour combination with the cherry... but everyone knows orange should be orange. Otherwise I will just get all Confused. In flavour these are the same as regularly orange Tic Tacs, nice sweet and almost tasting like they have a hint of mandarin mixed in.

Of course I tried both varieties together, and that made a nice fruity combination too. I’m sure these are going to be popular over the Summer, whatever happens in the World Cup. Any new addition to the Tic Tac range has to be a good thing, but please can we have the American Cinnamon version here in the UK too!

PS Many thanks to DavidH for tipping me off about this great item!


Megan said...

So do you not have Cinnamon at all in the UK or is different? Those are my favorite kind

cinabar said...

We had them as a Limited Edition around three years ago... but haven't seen them since. :-(

Anonymous said...

I would have thought the white ones would be mint too but mint and cherry might have been a bit odd! I'm going to look out for these when i'm out later. I love anything cherry flavoured :]


cinabar said...

Louise - someone at work said they should have done cherry and vanilla for the white and red - that would be genius!