13 May 2010

Frijj - Caramel Cheer Milkshake (Morrison’s)

There seems to be a fair few “England” products arriving on the shelves, some are interesting limited edition products and some are just patriotic packaging changes. I guess World Cup fever will be starting soon, and everyone ones to support their team!
This Frijj milkshake is special edition flavour of “Caramel Cheer” neatly packaged with the England flag on the bottle.
Having tried the Cookie Dough flavour and found it sickly, I was a little worried about this milkshake. Thankfully though, the flavour is well balance. It is smooth and clean tasting, with a decent amount of caramel that isn’t over sweet. It has all the good caramel flavour of the Cookie Dough, but thankfully none of the rich egg flavour that follows. I found it very easy to drink, and thoroughly enjoyed it.
Now, anyone for a Mars Bar for afters?


Unknown said...


I like this new caramel flavour but I was a fan of the Cookie Dough as well. I don't like the fact this new Caramel one isn't as thick.

cinabar said...

Oh, it was the egg taste that put me off the Cookie Dough. Like this one though.

But- Chocolate Fudge Brownie Frijj is where it is at! ;-)