25 May 2010

McCoy's Sausage Striker Crisps (WHSmiths)

Last week I told you about McCoys new chicken crisps, and this is the other variety in the McCoy’s Limited Edition football flavours.
The chicken crisps were absolutely fantastic, so it has to be said these had a lot to live up to. Opening the pack I was surprised by the tomato edge in the aroma. They were quite different to the other sausage flavoured crisps I’ve eaten. These had a good meaty pork taste, along with a decent hint of seasoning and that lovely tomato flavour mixed in too. Of course the base was the usual thick cut McCoys crinkle crisp, which is hard not to love. The more I ate the more I became convinced that the flavour was actually tomato and sausage casserole flavour. I really enjoyed the bag, they have a good wholesome taste. However out of the two new flavours, the Chicken ones have the edge, as they just recreate the flavour so perfectly.
Have you tried the different varieties? Which did you prefer?

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