16 May 2010

Sour Sweets Foodstuff Fight [By Spectre]

Japanese Cola Flavoured Sour Hard Gummies – Cola Shinge Superkix (Cyber Candy)

First up were these super hard super sour sweets. These are small cone shaped brown sweets that have the constitution of a Goodyear tyre and a thousand sour cola bottles. Popping one into my mouth was quite a taste explosion and I had to hold onto my chair quite tightly. I can only say that insane experimentation took place during the consumption of this 25g bag of doom. I popped two sweets into my mouth and immediately scrunched my face up to the extent that when I looked into a mirror I thought I saw my grandma. Three sweets and my whole head went numb. I then tried four sweets… and when I woke up… But seriously, if you want a sour sweet and aren’t too fussed about feeling the sensation of chewing the wheels off your car and the roof of your mouth caving in, these are the sweets for you. A good strong (serious underestimation) sour sweet.

Wham Riproll 100cm Tongue Tingling Belt – Sour Raspberry

I’ve long been a Wham fan. Not the dodgy pop duo from the Eighties, but the sweets. On opening the packet I was slightly disappointed that the 100cm roll was broken in a couple of places. I unravelled the roll and measured exactly 100.1cm. Okay, I’m just fooling with you. The only place this baby was unravelled was straight into my mouth, though Cinabar managed to snatch some off me by distraction (showing me her assets). She commented that the roll tasted more like Blackcurrant than Raspberry. She found that the main ingredient is Aronia, which is native to America and tastes like Blackcurrant. Whilst this roll was not as sour as the Japanese sweets, I found it a much more pleasant chew. Some of the sugar fell off whilst I downed the roll, making me feel like a child again. Once I’d finished eating the riproll, I wanted another one.

Barratt Natural Flavours and Colours Kola Bottles

The natural flavours and colourings in these cola bottle shaped sweets gave them a real “olde worlde” taste. Whilst not sour at all, they felt grown-up and almost good for me as I downed each sweet in quick succession. At a mere 15 calories per cola bottle, I guess they can’t be that bad for you. Although not claiming to be sour on the packet, I simply assumed they would be and was more than a little disappointed on first taste. Though, if I ever fancy a good-for-me, non-sour cola sweet in the future; I may just look these up.

Wham Fizz Sticks Tongue Tingling Sticks – Sour Strawberry

When I look back and think of fizzy sweets when I was younger (and less grey), I immediately think of strawberry fizzy sticks, well just after fizzy cola bottles anyway. This pack consists of ten roughly four inch long strawberry coloured sugary sticks. Although these were sourer than the non sour Barratts, I didn’t find these as sour as the Raspberry / Blackcurrant flavoured Riproll, and they didn’t make my tongue tingle. However, these were very pleasant to chew on and perhaps the most comfortable eat of the four. They also reminded me most of the days gone by of popping into the tuck shop by the school for something sour to chomp on during the walk home.

By Spectre

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