30 May 2010

Lizi's Apple and Cinamon Granola {by @Nli10} (Waitrose)

Actors are a strange bunch. They seem to put their name to anything vaguely interesting to get back on TV, or to earn a bit more money regardless of the quality of the item. This particular cereal is endorsed by Lizi Sure who is an actress who I remember but am not sure why. I'm always on the lookout for raisin free muesli, and with the mix of seeds, apple and other goodies this looked interesting so despite my reservations I gave it a go.
Frankly this is one of the best muesli style cereals that I have ever tried! The balance of flavours shows that someone has taken massive care and attention over the selection of ingredients and the hit of the cinnamon is wonderfully subtle. It is both crunchy and soft and really filling so the bag lasts a good while. I've only seen this in Waitrose but I will make a special trip to buy more, and hopefully these will do a kettle chips and get stocked by all. Maybe some actors sponsoring brands are in it for the wrong reasons, but Lizi sure knows her cereals and I will hopefully report back on other flavours.

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