26 May 2010

M&Ms Coconut Edition [America] (Cybercandy)

We never seem to get M&M Limited Edition’s here in the UK, so if I see a strange variety in an import shop I always feel compelled to try them. This version seems like a Summery twist, and consists of M&Ms flavoured with coconut for a tropical taste.
There are three colours of M&M within the bag, white, green and brown; although they are (as per all M&Ms) the same flavour.
The M&MS have the usual crunchy crisp sugar coating, with a good whack of sweet coconut mixed within the chocolate contents. That’s the key thing here is that although the coconut is strong, but the whole chocolate tastes really sweet. Now I have a sweet tooth, so I loved them, but they might be a bit sweet for some.
Overall the coconut was creamy and tasty, working well with the chocolate, just a little sweeter than expected. If you want to try and win yourself a bag, do have a look at the competition I’m running!


Unknown said...
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cinabar said...

Ahead of you!!
I do love popping candy! I realise it is an acquired taste, but I love the stuff!