18 May 2010

Mr Kipling Raspberry Ripple Slices (Morrison’s)

Yay! Summer is on its way! In order to honour the sunshine (please let it be a good year) Mr Kipling has released a selection of cakes to celebrate, all of which are themed on traditional ice creams.
First up Raspberry Ripple slices. Raspberry Ripple ice cream takes me back to my childhood and to me means having a shockingly sweet raspberry sauce mixed in a creamy vanilla ice cream. The packaging certainly conveys that ‘bright’ Summer feeling, as do the prettily striped cakes themselves.
But here is a funny thing, the taste – it is very pleasant and natural. Ordinarily this would be a good thing, but my taste buds were fully prepared and excited for an over sweet artificial raspberry flavour, and as strange as it sounds, I was disappointed.
Each slice has a fluffy vanilla sponge, real raspberry pieces and a sweet but genteel tasting raspberry icing. It was nice, they were good cakes, but they were just not what I was expecting.

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