9 May 2010

Orange and Spice Dark Choc [by @Nli10] (Co Op)

Due to being at my parents I am dislocated from my stash of food but luckily opposite a branch of the co op. Having a look through their new range of things I spotted a nice choc that I haven't seen before. I like dark (or mens choc if you are a Pocky fan) flavored choc and the green and blacks orange spice is probably my favourite. This is a similar product but I think more geared to the mass market. It's a nice flavour but it's really not that spicy or orangey. This does have the advantage that you can eat a lot more before you have to stop due to choc overload. Think that this is perfect for carrying around and snacking on but for flavour and spice you still can't beat the green and black.
By Nli10

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