15 May 2010

Walkers Crisps {By Spectre} French Garlic Baguette and Dutch Edam Cheese (Asda)

It’s rare if we go for a meal in Chiquitos or Pizza Hut that we don’t share some garlic bread to start with. It’s even rarer if the garlic bread doesn’t have cheese on top. On seeing these two crisp flavours I thought they may complement each other. Garlic bread can be both high in calories and fat, so at about 8 grams of fat and 131 calories per bag, I thought these might be a bit better for you for a snack. I decided to taste test them individually to start with, then jumble them up and dive in.
On opening the French Garlic Baguette flavour I expected to be blasted off my feet by an overpowering garlic smell, but managed to remain standing nonetheless. The French are renowned for loving garlic (and being top lovers, though I’m not sure how the garlic breath fits in with that). I must admit, I do love a trip to CafĂ© Rouge for an Entrecote Rouge (big fat steak) with garlic butter melting on top. I have to commend Walkers here, as they have really captured the authentic garlic bread taste in this crisp flavour. There is even the usual aftertaste of garlic that lingers in your mouth afterwards, and that overriding knowledge that your girlfriend’s not going to kiss you for the rest of the day!
I’ve been a fan of Dutch Edam Cheese since I was a child. Part of the fun was to peel off the red wax surrounding it, and have a sneaky chew to find out what the wax tasted like. Making crisps that taste of Edam Cheese kind of takes away the (wax) fun for me. On first taste I must admit, I didn’t recognise any resemblance to Edam Cheese, more a light Blue Cheese flavour, which is a slight step away from Wotsits (but not by much) and other cheesy crisp brands. Having said that the taste was not a disappointment, just not a flavour I’d identify with Edam Cheese.
On mixing up the crisp flavours in my mouth I had a wonderful cheesy garlic bread taste sensation. If you can’t be bothered to put the oven on, I highly recommend you bunch as many bags as you can of both these flavours into a huge bowl. Then settle down to good long movie, preferably with French subtitles to get you in the garlic mood.
By Spectre

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