5 May 2010

Artisan du Chocolat - Election Buttons (Selfridges)

Wow – 6th May is going to be a big day in politics. It’s a curious time, because anything could happen. I don’t really want to do specific politics on my blog, but do allow me (and these chocolates) to remind you – “Don’t Forget To Vote”! Let your voice be heard, whatever your opinion.
What better way to celebrate the election than with these wonderful Artisan du Chocolat novelty discs. Actually I hate the word novelty, I have to admit that I went looking for something election related to write about, but I can assure you these chocolate are something rather exquisite indeed.
Inside the box are milk and dark chocolate discs each with a rich layer of salty caramel hidden within. Split one in half and the caramel oozes out.

The caramel inside is well balanced in taste. The salt calms the sweetness and enhances its flavour, giving it a very tasty mature kick. Both varieties of chocolate are full of flavour. The milk chocolate is smooth, creamy, sweet and has lovely mellow tones of cocoa. In contrast the dark chocolate is woody, nutty and its richness made it a perfect combination with the filling.
I just loved these chocolate so much, and the brand has well and truly intrigued me now. I can’t wait to go back and see what other fine delights are on offer. For those of you worrying that you have missed out on these elections chocolates, I did spot similar looking patterned discs, so I assume they are available all year. I heartily recommend them!

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