17 May 2010

Cadbury’s Crunchie Rocks [New]

I have been loving the Cadbury’s range of bagged goodies, Cadbury’s Nibbles being the best thing since Buttons! So when I found a new item in the range, I couldn’t help but be excited!
I am also a big fan of Crunchie bars, and that sweet honey’d taste.
Inside the golden pack are chocolate clusters not dissimilar in appearance to the ones found in the Cadbury’s Cluster bag. Unlike the Cadbury’s Clusters, these consist of pieces of Crunchie honeycomb and cornflake mixed together and coated in chocolate. I like the combination, and I found that each one had a lovely crunch and a good sweet flavour. The Crunchie taste did shine through, and the bag and the size of the pieces made for easy sharing amongst friends. It is a really nice new Crunchie item, and I thoroughly recommend them!


Anonymous said...

Cornflakes? Why? I was looking forward to little bursts of crunchie but all I can taste is crisp rice (ingredients list cornflakes)!! Horrible. I'd stick to a traditional crunchie if thats what you want. They were expensive too, over £2 in my local sainsburys. I won't be buying them again!

cinabar said...

Years ago they did bring out pure pieces of Crunchie chunks coated in chocolate - they were yum, but sadly disappeared.

Jenn said...

Oh my goodness - my husband brought these home yesterday from a business trip in London. Googled them & your blog came up. These are amazing! Love them!!! I'm going to have to savor them because we can not get them here in Texas.