7 May 2010

Walkers Flavour Cup Crisps Italy and South Africa (Asda)

This isn’t so much a foodstuff fight, consider it more of a catch up on a couple of the new Walkers flavours.

Italian Spaghetti Bolognaise
Ok, if you ask most Brits to name a popular Italian dish, the first response is likely to be Spaghetti Bolognaise. So it does seem the obvious choice of flavours to represent Italy. The taste is surprisingly meaty, it seems to be beef with an aftertaste of herbs, most prominent of which was Basil. I liked them, but felt they would need more tomato to truly represent the flavour.

South African Sweet Chutney
The funny thing with this flavour was that even when I first opened the packet, the aroma was very familiar to me. It took a few minutes, and some collaboration with my work colleagues, but I think we nailed it. If you were to take a packet of Ketchup flavour crisps, and mix them equally with Worcestershire sauce flavour crisps, you would have something very similar to these Chutney flavour crisps. They are lovely because I really enjoy both of the tastes, tomato with a nice tang. One of the better flavours.

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