3 May 2010

Nestle Munchies Ice Cream Bar (Sainsbury’s)

I like Munchies as chocolates, and I like them because you can munch them – they are very satisfyingly crunchy. It is the bite of biscuit within them that makes them pleasurable to eat.
Now the problem with ice cream is that because it is moist, it is difficult to keep any sort of biscuit crunchy. Sadly this Munchies Ice Cream had no munch. There were some dispersed soft biscuit flavour bits, but there weren’t enough of them and they did add the texture associated with the regular product. In fact they weren’t very noticeable at all hidden away with the chocolate ice cream.
Well I guess I skipped straight to the negative section with these ice creams, but despite its lack of crunchy texture it did still have a lot going for it. The chocolate coating is sweet and pleasant, the chocolate ice cream within was creamy, lovely and chocolaty. The layer of caramel was sweet and tasty, and did the job. I did enjoy the ice creams, and as they are being sold at the bargain price of £1 for four they did have a lot going for them! I just wish they could have put some munch back into these Munchies.

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