27 May 2010

Mr Kipling Tuttie Fruitti Pies (Morrison’s)

Following on from the Raspberry Ripple Slices last week, we now have another ice cream flavour themed cake from Mr Kipling in the form of these Tutti Fruitti Pies. The other new item in the range, Neapolitan Bakewells will be written about shortly as I’m pleased to say I found a box of them too.
These Tutti Fruitti pies have some seriously interesting pieces of fruit tucked away inside them, including one fruit that is quite green, which I think must have been a variety of cherry. The flavour does have a mixed fruit taste, but it is quite consistent rather than each bite emphasising different fruits. Also, there is a predominant marzipan taste throughout the pie, which was pleasant, but I wasn’t expecting. Looking back the box does say “with an almond flavour” but I’m not sure how that fits in with the main Tutti Fruitti theme. Having said that I have to confess I did like the flavour, but if you aren’t keen on almonds I would give these a miss.

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