31 May 2010

Glico Pocky – Green Tea (China)

I would like to start by saying a big thank you to the lovely people living in China who sent me a wonderful selection of goodies to write about. I really appreciate it, and just love everything – so thank you!!!
The first thing that caught my eye was this strange sounding Pocky variety. I’ve seen Green Tea flavoured items before, but certainly not Pocky. I also admit to rather liking the idea that the Pocky was dipped in a wonderful green substance, such an interesting colour for a foodstuff.
The taste wasn’t what I expected, I could pick up on the Green Tea which was leafy, with an almost grassy flavour, but there was also a wonderful sweetness mixed in that really worked. Although I couldn’t find any trace of it on the ingredients, it did taste like it had some kind of tropical fruit flavour included too. Perhaps it was just the combination of sugar and green tea, but the fruitiness made them a pleasure to eat.
This is an absolutely lovely edition to the Pocky range, and I will keep my eye out on the import stores because I would definitely buy it again, they are absolute yum!

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