22 April 2010

Options Indulgence Hot Chocolate Banana / Fudge (Asda)

Last week I wrote about Cherry and Brownie Options Indulgence, and this write up covers the remaining flavours I have found.
I know I have already mentioned this, but frankly it needs mentioning again. The thing I like about Options usually is that they are so easy to mix. This new indulgence range has been annoying me.
I followed instructions, and made a paste with hot water. I then stirred and stirred and stirred. As per the instructions I then topped it up with more hot water, and stirred some more. It looked so lumpy, I took a fork out of the drawer and gave it a good whisking – and it STILL looked lumpy and unappetising with bits floating on top. *sigh*

Chocolate Banana – now I wasn’t impressed by the taste. It smelt nice when I was making it (i.e. continuously stirring) but the banana flavour was mild as was the chocolate when I came to drink it. It is simply not a patch on the “Go Bananas” edition of the normal Options.

Chocolate Fudge – This was a little bit better than the other flavours, and it had a sweet vanilla after taste. It was okay, but it didn’t meet my expectations of indulgence, as it wasn’t a strong rich flavour.

I think I will be sticking to the normal Options range as I much prefer them. They have stronger flavours and are much easy to make.


Paulham said...

You need one of those mini milk frothers to get the lumps out. It works for me.

LPATRI11 said...

Totally agree - the bits all float to the top - although I thought they tasted pretty nice

cinabar said...

I do have a milk frother lurking about - i will give it a try.

I still think the regular range has more flavour though.

Anonymous said...

Can't find any of this either in store or online

cinabar said...

Sorry - this was review was from a decade ago :(