7 April 2010

Monster Puffs [Sugar Puffs Bar] (Pound World)

When I first saw these in the pound shop, my first thought was that they were a new variety of Rice Crispie Squares. The outer packaging is a similar blue, and when I opened up a bar, it wasn't that dissimilar in its raw state either.
However the individually wrapped bars are very distinctive, with the Honey Monster very brightly showing through. I liked the flavour of these, with the honey dominating the taste and just a hint from the chocolate too adding a little more sweetness. The texture of these bars wasn’t as crisp as I had expected, as they were actually slightly chewy. I would have preferred a cleaner crunch, but one of the other testers said that they preferred the texture of this to other similar products.
All in all a nice bar, and a new variation of cereals bars for Sugar Puff fans. If you’ve tried them, let me know what you think!


Oscar said...

i didnt like these much, too cripy i pref the rice krippies ones

cinabar said...

I also prefer the texture of the Rice Krispies ones, but the honey taste of these was nice.