11 April 2010

Glico Pretz (Group 1) {by @Nli10} – (Sing Fat Supermarket, Birmingham)

Glico (makers of Pocky) also make other products too. I guess that this makes sense as there are lots of similar style products to chocolate on a stick that you can make with the same set up - namely just chocolate, and just bread sticks. Glico Pretz are essentially just that - hard salted bread sticks without the chocolate. Around Chinese New Year I noticed that Sing Fat Birmingham had increased their range so bought nine boxes - one of each flavour I thought I could eat safely - and here is a selection.

Tomato Extract Pretz

On first look this was the flavour that I fancied trying the most. They look appetising, I can imagine them working well with salad, and tomato is a flavour that is easy to replicate. I wasn't disappointed, the box contains three smaller 27g packs and I polished off one without really thinking about it. They are like a less sweet Walker's Tomato Ketchup crisp, with the texture of bread-sticks. The Pretz are more crumbly than Pocky but still satisfying in their own savoury way. Off to a fantastic start - I'm already planning to buy these again for summer party season.

Milk Coffee Taste DOUBLE Pretz

Double Pretz are like a half way house between Pocky and Pretz in that there is a topping (similar to Pop Tarts) on one side of the bread stick. This is your typical Cappuccino flavoured topping, like a 'coffee' cake that tastes like cheap coffee, but in the context it works surprisingly well. I think it's probably actually got coffee dust in it and it made me have cravings for actual coffee. While nice to eat three or so after that it gets a bit much and you don't find yourself chomping through the box (one big 50g packet instead of smaller ones), but every so often I'd eat one while working away. I think a hot choc version of this would be better, but it's still edible.

Corn Pretz

I had chosen this one for the first batch as I presumed that corn would be the plain flavour and a good baseline to base comparisons on. Upon opening the packet I got a strong waft of another flavour entirely and realised my folly. Not corn, Sweetcorn... Now as the baby variety of pop corn you'd think that it was a flavour that was one people would like. Also the use of butter in most sweetcorn serving suggestions would make it a bit nicer. This smelt ok, but tasted of eating corn husks. It wasn't nice. I tried three just to get the flavour down and kept getting flavour flashbacks all evening. It seemed to be as indigestible as the real thing. I convinced my sister to try one and she ate half and almost threw up and binned the rest. Needless to say the box has been abandoned and may never be finished. Not one to buy again, and this isn't the least appetising sounding flavour of the 9 I have bought...

Tomato Pretz are the clear winner from this group, the only issue being that they are moorish enough to easily keep at until the packet is finished. Three more next week (if I'm feeling brave...)
By Nli10


Anonymous said...

What do you mean when you write that something is "more-ish"? I'm an obtuse American (but I love your blog - I lived in London for 6 years when I was a kid oh so many years ago, and it brings back memories).


NLi10 said...

Think like Pringles - once you open the packet you just keep eating them until you run out.

More-ish is just a way of saying when you've finished them you want more!

When reviewing stuff it's easy to get this as instead of eating a whole box I tend to just have a large sample so I can try all three types on the same day. With the Tomato Pretz although I ate the whole packet I was tempted to start on the next packet!

Glad you enjoy the blog!