25 August 2020

Cadbury Dairy Milk – Coconutty (Cadbury Gifts) By @cinabar

Cadbury brought out three different and new Dairy Milk bars of which the most interesting sounded like the Blueberry version. I tried the Blueberry first and was disappointed I bought the others at the same time, the second I tried was Honeycomb (which also had nuts) and was amazing. This is the third bar and this is a coconut version, Coconutty to be specific.

This bar is flavoured with coconut but also has white chocolate crunchy pearls mixed in. The bar has a lovely creamy flavour, I realise that coconut can be a bit of a Marmite flavour with some people disliking it disproportionately compared to its mild flavour. I however love the creamy sweet smooth flavour and this mixed with the wonders of an interesting crunchy texture I was in heaven. Both this Coconutty bar and the Honeycomb were divine excellent new bars and I honestly couldn’t choose, I hope both stick around. Now if they could just fix the Blueberry one.

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