24 August 2020

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño (Morrisons) By @Cinabar

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño

I stumbled across another new flavour Mini Cheddars following on from the Chipotle Chicken ones we tried recently. At the time I thought chicken flavoured Cheddars seemed a bit strange (chicken and cheese) but the idea of Nacho Cheese sounded a bit more down to earth. I picked these up in a multipack with six bags, all the same flavour though.

I tried them with a lunch sandwich in place of crisps. There was quite a bit of seasoning on them and the flavour was very reminiscent of nacho cheese and quote strong. The heat was a nice addition, the chilli wasn’t too hot but added to the whole Mexican feel and gave them decent warmth. I thought the flavour was a little strong with my sandwich but these would be good as an afternoon snack on their own.

It is nice to see new flavours from Jacobs Mini Cheddars and I’d buy these Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño ones again. Looking forward to seeing what other flavours come out.

Mini Cheddars - Nacho Cheese and Jalapeño

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